Non-allergic contact dermatitis

Another term for non-allergic contact dermatitis is also irritant dermatitis. This condition occurs when the outer skin barrier is subjected to repeated rubbing. When this occurs, the number of white blood cells increase which supply inflammatory substances to parts of the skin barrier and eczema occurs.

Non-allergic contact dermatitis occurs when the skin is exposed to intensive washing, contact with water, detergents and cold. This form of contact dermatitis takes a long time to heal. An eczema outbreak may take up to a few months before it has disappeared. After this, the skin barrier around the affected area is still severely weakened for a long period of time.

Persons who have had atopic eczema as children, can as an adult often get the non-allergic eczema type on their hands. Women more than men tend to suffer from non-allergic contact dermatitis. The symptom of this form of eczema is similar to those of allergic contact dermatitis with small itchy blisters.

Diaper rash is another form of non-allergic contact dermatitis besides hand eczema. This form of eczema occurs when the skin is frequently exposed to pee and water. The wet environment can make the eczema infected primarily by yeast fungi if not treated.


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Good to know

The term eczema or dermatitis, meaning inflammation in the skin, is a collective term used for several skin conditions where the symptoms are similar. Such symptoms may include redness, swelling, dryness, itching, scaling and even blisterin.